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At Highgate Hill Chiropractor our focus is to help you get the most out life. We realize that living in the city can be stressful. With the daily stress of living, the pressures of work, sitting at a desk all day and raising a family can put pressure on spine and nervous system. Highgate Hill Chiropractor acknowledges that the whole family benefits from a spine health check. Children and teenagers can also take impact through their spine daily when performing sports, sitting slumped at a desk.

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We Believe The Body Has Its’ Own Capacity To Heal When Supported In The Right Way.

What reason does someone seek Chiropractic care for?

Headaches & Migraines

Neck Aches

Back Pain

Lower Back Pain


Pins & Needles

Numbness & Weakness

Muscle Pain

Sports Injuries

Work Injuries


As a Last Resort

Alternative to Medications

Alternative to Surgery


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Did You Know That?

Lower back pain is the most common health complaint that affects 8 out of 10 people during their life. It is also a common problem for taking time off work.

At Highgate Hill Chiropractor, we assess your posture, movement of your spine, muscles and take a thorough health history to find out what is causing the pain. The common lower back pain conditions are degenerative disc disease, wear and tear in the spine, sciatica, lower back strain of the quadratus lumborum muscles, sacro-iliac joint sprain and slipped discs.

Dr. Adele Lorigan

Dr Adele Lorigan (BSc Chiro) has been a remedial massage therapist since 2007 and a Chiropractor since 2015. She graduated from the NZ College of Chiropractic in Auckland after building a successful Sports massage clinic in Auckland, New Zealand and now practises in West End Brisbane.

What kind of techniques do we use at Highgate Hill Chiropractor?

Diversified and Gonstead Technique

Manual Hands On Adjustments

Gentle Neuromechanical Impulse Technique

Thompson Technique for Pregnancy

Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments

Activator Techniques

Trigger Point Massage

Sports Massage

Tight Muscle Relaxation

Can I be fixed in one visit?

The number of visits needed is different for each person. It can take a period of 4-6 weeks to start to see changes in the spine, muscles, movement and pain levels. If someone has spent 20 years lifting, working or moving in a certain way, it can take several months to see the body change and adapt.

Dr Adele Lorigan

Adele realises that each person responds to chiropractic care differently. She chooses techniques to suit each person. She likes to combine chiropractic manual hands on adjustments or light force adjustments with soft tissue massage and specific blocks to ease the body back into full balance and recovery. Dr Adele Lorigan believes the body has the ability to heal and needs support long term for overall balance with life’s stresses.

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Where Are We Located?

We are based inside Cam’s Cycle Coaching on Montague Road. For those using public transport, catch the 196 bus from the Brisbane CBD and get off at Stop 11, outside Aldi. Walk 10-15 minutes down Montague Road and cross over to Cam’s Cycle Coaching where our clinic is based inside. Almost opposite The Stores and London Fields Restaurant & Bar. We are well located for anyone in the areas of Highgate Hill, Annerley, Brisbane CBD, Woolloongaba, Kangaroo Point, Milton, Toowong, Southbank, Spring Hill and Yeronga.

Services & Fees

Our fees include $95 for the initial consultation and subsequent consultations are $65. We also offer Extended 30 minute consultations (includes Remedial massage) for $85.